Ook leuk… buitenlanders over Holland!

buitenlanders over holland

Wij Nederlanders hebben graag ons oordeel klaar over buitenlanders. Natuurlijk moeten vooral die domme, dikke, wapenbezittende, pick-uprijdende Amerikanen het vaak ontgelden. Voor een gezond evenwicht is het ook wel eens leuk om te kijken naar hoe buitenlanders over Nederlanders denken. Dit laat je toch met een andere plek naar een aantal van onze culturele gewoonten kijken.

1. Terrace sitting – Sheila – Australia

Tip: At the first sign of sunshine after the winter Nederlanders are out sitting on terraces or in the middle of the square drinking waterty coffee or flat cappucinos. You have to learn to accept this tradition even though it is 10 degrees outside and ice on the ground. You must pretend it is fantastic weather but further, if it is hot Bvb 30 degrees you still sit in the same café instead of heading to the river for a swim or a picnic.

2. Smoke – Silvia – Italy

Tip: Holland is really unbelievable…..You can see the famous naked women in the windows, people enjoying a cannabis in coffee shops, all kinds of erotic objects…but if you are a woman YOU CANNOT SMOKE A CIGARETTE IN THE STREET!

3. Birthdays – Ella – Spain

Tip: On your birthday ,you would like to get out and PARTY!!!, but NOOOO! Dutch people pretend you to stay at home all day long waiting for their calls (‘gefeliciteerd!!!’), the cake (gebak)and coffee and of course the people that work during the day will come in the evening to eat and drink at your cost and bringing you a cheap gift from BLOKKER.

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4. Birthday parties – Jayne – England

When you go to a Dutch birthday party, don’t forget to follow the ritual, first its two cups of tea or coffee together with ‘gebak’. Only then, are you allowed to go onto the hard stuff! If you ask for a beer during the coffee round, you can expect to be looked at as though you shot their granny. oh, and p.s. you are not expected to play musical chairs at a Dutch birthday party, but to sit on the same one all evening, so make sure you place yourself between two interesting looking people or you’ve had it!!

5. Electric bed warmers – Tiina – Finland

Tip: An electrically heating (‘onderdeken’) can save you from freezing at night during the cold and damp months called winter in Holland. I found one in Hema for just 30 euros and it’s the best investment I’ve ever done in Holland! Basically it is like an electric blanket (just a bit thicker so it won’t wrinkle or fold)) which is placed on your bed under the sheet. Just plug it in the socket and enjoy the warmth and coziness of your bed.

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